Puppy & dog training courses


You have taken the first step towards enjoying your puppy's development through to adulthood in our enjoyable classes like so many others! 

We run separate reward based 6-weekly training courses for pups specifically 20 weeks or under and dogs of 5 months and over, as well as the opportunity to join our ongoing 'Life Skills Club', in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Puppy School for pups 20 weeks and under

Fun Obedience courses for beginners of all ages

Canine College follow-on from Puppy School

Life Skills Club Roll on-roll off training club

Our testimonials say it all...
"Very useful advice given which was practical & could be used in everyday scenarios"
" I have been to many courses over the years and this is wonderful- would recommend 100%" 
"Vicky was lovely, very relaxed, friendly & caring"
"I found the instructor very motivated & helpful with the training"
"You soon realise that this class does not train your puppy, but trains you to train them for the
  future! Very worthwhile, Thank you"
"Vicky was very friendly and helpful and you can tell it's not just a job, she really cares for the dogs 
  in classes and has their well-being at heart. Thanks"
"A really good course, and good value for money"
"Very enjoyable, lovely trainer"