Fun Obedience


Our 6 week course for older puppies and dogs of any age that's lots of fun!

  • We pride ourselves in our training course with a twist, hence the name; 'Fun' Obedience!
  • Our Fun Obedience courses are designed for beginner/novice dogs of all ages or if you fancy just trying something different with your previously trained dog.
  • Great as a follow-on course from Puppy School.
  • Suitable for newly acquired rescue dogs, older puppies who have received no training or simply to re-kindle and improve a better doggie-human relationship!
  • We welcome all the family to join in and come along!

What will we learn?

  • Week 1 of the course is an information week for humans only where we will start to help you understand your dog better, which as a result makes training them easier! Dogs join us once their owners are fully prepared from week 2.
  • Basic obedience exercises such as how to walk on a loose lead, recall, wait etc.
  • How to use Verbal Markers to help with training
  • To help Increase confidence and body awareness by introducing new equipment to put paws on & in and bodies under, over and through. 
  • How to have a much better understanding of  how dogs think and communicate
  • How to learn the concept of training through 'shaping'
  • Focus games
  • Teaching your dog to respond to you even with distractions
  • Trick training
  • An introduction to scent games and more...


        Invaluable training aids available to buy.


Our aim is to help you relax and enjoy the class. The more relaxed you are, the more you and your dog

will learn.

All of the family are encouraged to attend to maintain consistency in training.

We cover all aspects of the vital relationship with your best pal & encouraging much more of 'hands-off' approach; from basic control to the really fun stuff we love!

How many dogs will be in our class?

Our Fun Obedience courses accommodate a maximum of 8 dogs per course to ensure more individual attention, and to give each dog enough distance from each other to feel comfortable in our training room. There are 2 fully qualified tutors per class to ensure plenty of one-to-one attention. 

When and where are the classes held? 

Fun Obedience courses are taught by Vicky & Emma on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm at Bradley Green Village Hall. Click here for detailed hall location. 

How much are the courses?

The cost of a 6-week course including weekly handouts and a certificate for completion is £70.

When does the next course start?   

Monday 12th November @ 6:00pm FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 8th January 2019 @ 6:00pm FULLY BOOKED 

Tuesday 19th February 2019 @ 6:00pm JUST ONE PLACE REMAINING 


How do I book a course?

1. Complete booking form below. 

2. We will email you payment details. 

3. A confirmation email along with important information you'll need to prepare you for your course will be     sent usually within 24 hours only when both payment and form received. 

Fun Obedience booking form

Please note: Aggressive dogs, or dogs with severe antisocial behaviour problems (e.g excessive barking in the company of other dogs or people) may not be suitable for training classes. Please speak to us first if you are concerned your dog may suffer from the above.


Full refunds can only be given for cancellations giving at least 7 days notice prior to course start date. Cancellations within 7 days of start date will be subject to a charge of 100 % of fees paid unless place is re-filled up to 48 hours prior to start date, in which case a full refund will be given. 

Course fees are not refundable for non-attendance.